College Park Elementary School

Cross Country.
It's here! the Cross Country Run.

Cross Country

Practice on:
September 12, 3:45-4:15
September 14, 3:45-4:15
September 20, 3:45-4:15
September 22, 3:45-4:15
***STUDENTS you may practice on your own in the evenings and at lunch recess.

The Cross Country Date....
Cross Country:  Sept. 27.  

***I will only be able to take the top 5-8 runners from the boys and the top 5-8 runners from the girls for each division.***
Gr. 3-4 Boys (5-8 runners), Gr. 3-4 Girls (5-8 runners) this will apply to all other divisions.
Gr. 5-6 Boys, Gr. 5-6 Girls, Gr. 7-8 Boys, Gr. 7-8 Girls.

PARENTS and GUARDIANS welcome to come and cheer on the students.