College Park Elementary School

Class Supply Lists

1.  All CPES students in grades 3 through 8 can access marks, assignments, and homework on the Internet through Maplewood.  An e-mail address is necessary to do this.  Any student wanting to take advantage of this service needs to submit an e-mail address to the office and instructions for access will be given.

2.  Computer Classes:  All students in grades 6 through 8 will be required to have their own USB Flash Drives to save work on.  Students will not be allowed to save personal work on the school computers.  Not only does saving student work on the computers fill up the hard drives, but it also often results in some students accidentally erasing another student's work.  These may be of any capacity you wish, but 512MB should be sufficient. 

3.  Supply Lists for Grades 1 to 8

Grade One Supplies

The school will provide:






You need to bring:

pencil case/box to hold crayons

Good quality headphones for use with iPad

Large box of tissues

gym shoes (only provide lace up shoes if child can tie them) velcro shoes preferred.

Grade 2 Supplies

5 duotang report covers with inside pockets (red, blue, green, yellow, orange)

Pencil crayons (sharpened)
Pencil case

Durable earphones for use with computer and iPads.


Markers (Optional)

International Children's Bible (can be purchased at ABC)
2 boxes of Kleenex

Leak-free water bottle

Indoor shoes with non-marking soles for gym

Please label all items with child's name.

A Big Smile
    Pencils, glue, and erasers will be supplied by the school.
    Please label all supplies with your child's initials.

Grade 3 Supplies

1 Soprano recorder (No dollar store recorders, please)
Pencil crayons(sharpened) or Markers
(Red) International Children's Bible
4 Pocket Folders (Green for Science, Blue for Socials, Red for Pathways, Yellow for Reading Log)
2 Red pens
2 Highlighters
1 Handheld pencil sharper
Graph Paper
30cm ruler
3 Boxes of kleenex
1 Large Disinfecting Wipes
1 Water bottle (leak-free top)
1 Durable Earbud headphones (Ziploc labelled bag)
Change of footwear Indoor/Outdoor (with Non-marking soles)
Pencils,erasers & glue are provided

Other supplies may be needed throughout the year.  Please replace supplies as needed.

Grade 4 Supplies

Bible (recommend - International Children's Bible)
1 package of lined loose leaf paper
12 pencils
1 pencil case - cloth or canvas type
2 erasers
2 red-ink ballpoint pens
pencil crayons
2 Highlighters
2 glue sticks
1 metric ruler (30 cm)
12 lined exercise journal/notebooks (no spirals please)
10 duotang folders
6 pocket folders 
1 - 1" inch 3 ring binder
3 boxes of tissue
1 large Lysol disinfecting wipes container
1 quality combination lock for locker
1 set earbud headphones (Ziploc labelled bag)
Indoor and outdoor footwear appropriate for season or activity. Runners for gym need to
have non-marking soles.
A personal agenda is being supplied by the school.

Note to Parents: Please label all supplies. 
Please ensure your child has these materials throughout the school year.  Student supplies may need replenishing during the year. 


Grade 5 Supplies

1 Bible
1 package of lined loose leaf paper
12 pencils
1 pencil case (should be large enough to hold extra pencils, pencil crayons/markers, etc.)
2 erasers
2 correction tape
5 blue-ink fine ball-point pens
2 green-ink ball-point pens
pencil crayons or markers
good scissors (may be saved and used again next year)
2 glue sticks
1 metric ruler (30cm. long)
1 good mathematical set (may be saved and used again next year)
12 lined exercise journal/notebooks (no spirals please)
1 graph paper notebook
10 duo-tang folders
4 pocket folders
1 one inch 3 ring binder
2 boxes of tissue
1 combination lock for locker

 A personal agenda is being supplied by the school; parent(s) sign agenda daily.
Indoor and outdoor footwear appropriate for season or activity. No marking running shoes for indoor use.
A USB Flash Drive will not be required. We will be using Google docs on the school computers which will allow the students to access their work from any computer at any time.

Note to Parents:  Please ensure your child has these materials throughout the school year.  Student supplies may need replenishing during the year. 

Supplies for Grade 6

20 pencils
1 pencil sharpener
2 erasers
2 Blue pens
2 Red pens
1 highlighter
Pencil crayons
Markers (optional)
Pencil case
Glue stick
30 cm ruler
Loose leaf paper
Geometry set
4 pocket folders
6 Duotang folders—purple, blue, green, red, yellow, orange
12  3-ring lined notebooks—blue, green, yellow, pink
2 boxes of tissues (to be shared)
1 Bible (NKJV)
Indoor shoes
3 pack of Tennis Balls
Small shank combination lock
PE uniform: white T-shirt, dark shorts (fingertip length or more), and athletic shoes

Supplies for Grades 7 and 8

1 Bible - (any version)

6 pencils (sharpened)
1 hand pencil sharpener (should have a place to collect shavings)
1 eraser

3 ink pens (blue or black)

3 marking pens- any colour

3 highlighters

liquid paper correction pen (white-out)

pencil crayons

markers (fine tip)

pencil case (should be large enough to hold all pencils, erasers, pens, tape, etc.)



glue stick

1 metric ruler (30 cm long)

1 large graph paper notebook for Math

loose leaf paper with 3 holes

reinforcement circles for loose-leaf paper

2 – 1 ½  or 2“  binders

15 dividers with tabs and inserts (they usually come 5 in one package)

1 journal book for language arts

1 USB Jump Drive (512 or larger)

Mathematical geometry set

English dictionary (a good quality dictionary will last a very long time)

Thesaurus (a good quality Thesaurus will last a very long time)

French/English Dictionary – (please buy a good quality one – Chapters has many)

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 lock for locker (combination number required by teacher) – NO KEYS

1 back pack that will fit in your locker

proper indoor gym shoes (P.E. uniform and school requirements for indoor shoes)

dark shorts (P.E. uniform)

white T-shirt (P.E. uniform)

Note to Parents:
The above items are tools, which will enable your child to work effectively without having to borrow from another child. Please provide these items by the end of the first week of the school year.
Supplies may need to be replenished during the school year.