College Park Elementary School

In the spring of 2013, the Board of CPES sent out a survey to obtain feedback from parents across a broad range of metrics to assess perceived strengths and weaknesses in the program, and to identify opportunities for improvement. In the fall of 2013, the Board began a comprehensive assessment and planning process which will result in the development of a Strategic Plan to guide the operations and priorities of CPES over short and medium terms. It is expected that this Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated on a bi-annual basis to ensure that it remains relevant and focused on the evolving needs of CPES.
In the development of a Strategic Plan, the Board’s activities are guided by a number of principles including:
  • CPES  is God’s school – the Ontario Conference, the Board, the teachers, parents and constituent churches are all stewards of this resource with which God has entrusted us, and we have the same responsibility and accountability for how we use and develop this resource as discussed in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25;
  •  As portrayed  in the interaction between Elisha and the King of Israel in 2 Kings 13, too often failure to act boldly and  decisively has limited the extent to which God has been able to pour out his blessings and realize his vision;
  • Recognizing the role of CPES in working with parents and churches in assisting each student in developing a relationship with God which will endure through the challenges and successes of life, a ‘culture of spirituality’ should pervade every activity of the school; 
  • As discussed in the book, Education, ‘higher then highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children…”. Our activities as a school should support the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of each student’s developing experiences;
  • We cannot even begin to imagine how God could use CPES to positively and dynamically impact students, teachers, parents and the wider community if we earnestly seek to understand His will for the school, and then continue to seek His guidance and blessings as we execute the developed Strategic Plan.
The Board is examining five key areas to develop specific goals and objectives. These are Spirituality, Academics, Enrollment, Finances and Facilities. To date, the Board has, together with the participation of the teachers, explored goals and objectives for realizing to the fullest extent the ‘ culture of spirituality’ which we seek. Further meetings of the Board and teachers will focus on each of the other key areas, again with the intent of identifying specific goals and objectives.
As part of the effort to seek a wide range of viewpoints and input to inform the development of the Strategic Plan, the Board is seeking input from parents on their suggestions for specific goals and objectives for each of the five focus areas. The CPES website has a link to a form which should be used to provide comments. Alternatively, you may ask for a paper copy of the form on which to provide your comments and suggestions. The input provided by parents will be considered with that developed by the Board and teachers to distill and prioritize short, medium and perhaps longer term priorities to assist CPES in realizing the potential GOD has for our school.
As a Board we are humbled by the understanding that while we all bring our individual expertise and experience to the planning discussions, only as we are seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit will we be able to understand what God’s will and vision is for CPES, and merge our thoughts and ideas into His. We are reminded of the experience of the apostles and believers in the upper room who when through much fasting and prayer were one in spirit, then received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And so we solicit your prayers as we work to develop a plan to guide CPES going forward, and we ask that you too seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you consider what advice and suggestions you might put forward. Thank you for your past and continuing support of CPES.

Strategic Issues Questionnaire for CPES Parents and Guardians
March 2014
5 = Strongly Agree,  4 = Agree,  3 = Neutral,  2= Disagree,  1 = Strongly Disagree







CPES helps my child develop a closer relationship with Jesus.            
The curriculum at CPES prepares my child for further advancement in education.            
I would recommend College Park Elementary School to other parents.            
The tuition fee structure is fair and reasonable            
The physical plant is clean, well-maintained, up-to-date, safe, and attractive.            

The Board of CPES is considering five areas of focus in developing a Strategic Plan to guide the actions and initiatives of CPES over the next number of years. These are: Spirituality, Academics, Enrollment, Finances and Facilities. For each of these areas some suggested questions have been provided. Please feel free to provide whatever additional comments and suggestions you believe will assist the Board in developing a comprehensive, responsive and robust Strategic Plan.
How can the spirituality of the CPES community be enhanced?

How can you contribute to enhance the spirituality of the CPES community?
What changes does CPES need to improve its academics?
How can parents/guardians support their child(ren)’s academic performance?
 What should be the objective of CPES in seeking to increase enrollment? 
How can parents help with the retention and/or recruitment of new students?
How can CPES acquire additional funds for equipment and capital renovations?
Is the current level of tuition and the typical annual increase reasonable?
Facilities/Physical Structure:
What changes to the CPES building would have the greatest impact on your child(ren)’s educational experience at CPES?
Thank-you for taking the time to fill out this form.
 Please return the completed form to the school office April 21, 2014.
Name: (optional)___________________________________

Printable pdf copy of the Strategic Issues Questionnaire